Container fuel station for sale, gas station in Green Lake

Container fuel station for sale, gas station in Green Lake

Phone and address

Current Location - on demand.
calls only 003 8 0676-34-200-2
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Gasoline station consists of

Double-walled tank with ability 36 m3, Gas dispenser, Fuel releasing system, Safety system, Tank filling up system, Ornamental plating of the terminal, Technologic area, Ladder with the service system

The benefits of container gasoline station ROBOTANKS K4

  • certified devices as well as quality assurance whatsoever production stages
  • lower financial investment expenditures, for construction and also setup comparing with typical filling station
  • container gas station occupies an location smaller in size (lower rent settlements)
  • no repayments for franchising or certificate
  • lower general expenses as a result of the absents of the fuel handlers, vendors and also various other workers
  • container gas station mobility permits to move or move it for necessity
  • container gasoline station needs substantially less appointing licenses


  • two-walled container for the oil items storage space (1 to 4 types) having complete ability of approximately 40 m3 outfitted with a collection of technologic tools;
  • oil items delivery system;
  • filling station dispenser;
  • vehicles recognition system;
  • surge proof exterior as well as interior illumination system utilizing light sensing unit;
  • technologic compartment;
  • tank filling up system furnished with an electrical pump;
  • automatic fire-fighting system;
  • tanker truck grounding device;
  • digital continuous oil products degree control system;
  • air flow system;
  • CCTV equipped with movement sensors as well as video clip recorder;
  • alarm regulated on-line;
  • storage tank covering problem control system;
  • ambient air problem control system;
  • 2 operators' GSM transmitter, radio, as well as Wi-Fi communication; and also
  • software program for the tracking of the condition of all the aggregates and container filling up terminal with the online information transfer to filling terminals network dispatcher and also warning on working specifications exceeding the permitted restrictions.

Are Gasoline Station Great Investments?

Gas station operations are commonly valued relative to their sales. However, when checking out a terminal's sales, it's important to break them out by classification. Some things, like gas and also lottery game tickets, produce lots of sales however very little profit, while various other things are the opposite. Additionally, it can be hard to evaluate a terminal's performance given that the large quantity of cash deals can cause inaccuracies in the economic documents.
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