Portable petrol station for sale, gas station in Fraser

Portable petrol station for sale, gas station in Fraser

Phone and address

Current Location - on demand.
calls only +4420380-7-8085
Website (Twitter, Instagram, Facebook etc.):
Look at manufacturer's official site - robotanks.eu/en/our-products/container-filling-stations

Gasoline station consists of

Double-walled tank with ability 36 m3, Fuel dispenser, Gas releasing system, Safety system, Storage tank filling up system, Ornamental plating of the terminal, Technologic compartment, Ladder with the service platform

Are Gas Stations Excellent Investments?

Like any service, a gas station can be a excellent financial investment. When stations are well situated as well as well-run, they can produce healthy revenues. Nonetheless, business is additionally labor extensive, and your ability to operate effectively depends mainly on aspects like road building and construction or the cost of fuel that run out your control.
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