Container gas station for sale, gas station in Pearson

Container gas station for sale, gas station in Pearson

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Filling station consists of

Double-walled tank with capability 36 m3, Gas dispenser, Gas releasing system, Safety and security system, Storage tank loading system, Decorative plating of the terminal, Technologic compartment, Ladder with the solution system


  • two-walled tank for the oil items storage (1 to 4 types) having overall capacity of approximately 40 m3 outfitted with a set of technologic devices;
  • oil products shipment system;
  • filling terminal dispenser;
  • vehicles recognition system;
  • surge evidence external and also inner lighting system using light sensor;
  • technologic area;
  • container filling up system outfitted with an electrical pump;
  • automated fire-fighting system;
  • vessel vehicle basing tool;
  • electronic continual oil products level control system;
  • air flow system;
  • CCTV geared up with movement sensors and also video clip recorder;
  • alarm system controlled online;
  • container covering problem control system;
  • ambient air problem control system;
  • 2 operators' GSM transmitter, radio, and also Wi-Fi interaction; and also
  • software application for the tracking of the condition of all the aggregates and container filling up station with the internet information transfer to filling stations network dispatcher and also warning on working specifications surpassing the allowable restrictions.

Are Gas Stations Excellent Investments?

From a financial viewpoint, gas does not matter much at most gasoline station. Unless you take pleasure in a location that lets you charge an above market value for your gas like being right across the street from airport terminal cars and truck returns gas sales are just partially rewarding after bank card fees. Because of this, many stations make their money on the sales in their convenience stores or via attachments of additional services, such as automobile washes.
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