Portable gas station for sale, gas station in Grantsville

Portable gas station for sale, gas station in Grantsville

Phone and address

This gas station must be supplied to Grantsville.
our number 004420380-7-8085
Website (Twitter, Instagram, Facebook etc.):
See global website - robotanks.eu/en/our-products/container-filling-stations

Gas station includes

Double-walled tank with capacity 36 m3, Fuel dispenser, Gas issuing system, Safety and security system, Storage tank filling up system, Attractive plating of the station, Technologic area, Ladder with the service platform

Are Gas Stations Good Investments?

From a economic perspective, gas does not matter a lot at most gas stations. Unless you appreciate a area that lets you charge an above market value for your fuel like being right nearby from airport cars and truck returns gas sales are just marginally profitable after bank card costs. Thus, a lot of terminals make their money on the sales in their convenience stores or via attachments of additional services, such as cars and truck cleans.
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