Portable gas station for sale, gas station in Gassaway

Portable gas station for sale, gas station in Gassaway

Phone and address

This gas station must be supplied to Gassaway.
our number 00442038-0780-85
Website (Twitter, Instagram, Facebook etc.):
See global site - Robotanks.eu

Gas station includes

Double-walled tank with capacity 36 m3, Fuel dispenser, Fuel releasing system, Security system, Tank filling up system, Attractive plating of the terminal, Technologic compartment, Ladder with the service platform

The advantages of container filling station ROBOTANKS K4

  • certified tools and also quality control at all production stages
  • reduced investment expenditures, for construction and also setup comparing with conventional filling station
  • container gasoline station inhabits an location smaller sized in size (lower rental fee payments)
  • no repayments for franchising or certificate
  • reduced overhead because of the absents of the fuel handlers, vendors and other personnel
  • container gas station wheelchair enables to move or move it for need
  • container gas station calls for considerably fewer commissioning licenses


  • two-walled tank for the oil items storage (1 to 4 types) having overall capability of approximately 40 m3 equipped with a set of technologic devices;
  • oil items shipment system;
  • loading station dispenser;
  • lorries identification system;
  • surge proof outside and interior illumination system making use of light sensing unit;
  • technologic compartment;
  • storage tank filling system equipped with an electrical pump;
  • automated fire-fighting system;
  • tanker truck grounding gadget;
  • electronic continual oil products level control system;
  • air flow system;
  • CCTV geared up with movement sensors and also video recorder;
  • security system regulated online;
  • storage tank shell condition control system;
  • ambient air condition control system;
  • 2 operators' GSM transmitter, radio, as well as Wi-Fi communication; and
  • software program for the surveillance of the condition of all the aggregates and also container filling station with the internet data transfer to filling up stations network dispatcher and caution on functioning criteria surpassing the permissible limits.

Are Gasoline Station Good Investments?

As opposed to getting the real gasoline station business, you might also buy the property underlying a gasoline station and end up being a landlord to an operating service. Doing this makes the financial investment much more easy for you because you're simply the property manager. At the same time, you still have the benefit of possessing what must be a great piece of land situated on a active corner. Additionally, you might get special depreciation from the Internal Revenue Service and also might obtain development via boosting leas.
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