Container gas station for sale, gas station in Laketown

Container gas station for sale, gas station in Laketown

Phone and address

Portable gas station must be provided to Laketown.
our mobile phone 0044203807-8085
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Gas station includes

Double-walled tank with ability 36 m3, Fuel dispenser, Fuel issuing system, Safety system, Storage tank filling up system, Attractive plating of the station, Technologic compartment, Ladder with the solution platform


  • two-walled container for the oil products storage space (1 to 4 types) having complete capacity of approximately 40 m3 equipped with a collection of technologic devices;
  • oil items distribution system;
  • loading terminal dispenser;
  • automobiles recognition system;
  • explosion evidence exterior as well as interior illumination system using light sensor;
  • technologic compartment;
  • container loading system outfitted with an electric pump;
  • automatic fire-fighting system;
  • tanker vehicle grounding device;
  • electronic constant oil products level control system;
  • air flow system;
  • CCTV equipped with movement sensors and also video recorder;
  • security system controlled online;
  • tank shell condition control system;
  • ambient air problem control system;
  • 2 drivers' GSM transmitter, radio, and also Wi-Fi interaction; and
  • software for the tracking of the problem of all the accumulations as well as container filling station with the online data transfer to filling up stations network dispatcher and also caution on working parameters surpassing the permissible limitations.

Are Gasoline Station Good Investments?

Gasoline station procedures are normally valued relative to their sales. Nonetheless, when looking at a terminal's sales, it is very important to break them out by classification. Some items, like gasoline and lottery game tickets, produce great deals of sales however really little profit, while other products are the contrary. Furthermore, it can be tough to assess a terminal's performance because the huge amount of money deals can result in inaccuracies in the monetary records.
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