Portable gas station for sale, gas station in DeKalb

Portable gas station for sale, gas station in DeKalb

Phone and address

Not available. DeKalb.
give us a call 0044-203-8078-085
Website (Twitter, Instagram, Facebook etc.):
Look at main website - https://robotanks.eu/en/our-products/container-filling-stations

Gas station includes

Double-walled storage tank with ability 36 m3, Gas dispenser, Fuel releasing system, Safety and security system, Tank filling up system, Attractive plating of the station, Technologic compartment, Ladder with the solution platform


  • two-walled storage tank for the oil products storage space (1 to 4 kinds) having overall capability of as much as 40 m3 equipped with a set of technologic devices;
  • oil items distribution system;
  • filling up terminal dispenser;
  • vehicles identification system;
  • explosion proof external and internal lighting system utilizing light sensing unit;
  • technologic area;
  • container filling up system geared up with an electric pump;
  • automated fire-fighting system;
  • tanker vehicle basing gadget;
  • electronic continuous oil items degree control system;
  • ventilation system;
  • CCTV geared up with motion sensors and video clip recorder;
  • security system controlled internet;
  • tank shell problem control system;
  • ambient air condition control system;
  • 2 drivers' GSM transmitter, radio, and Wi-Fi interaction; as well as
  • software application for the tracking of the problem of all the accumulations as well as container filling up terminal with the on-line data transfer to filling up stations network dispatcher as well as caution on working specifications surpassing the acceptable restrictions.

Are Gas Stations Great Investments?

Instead of acquiring the real filling station company, you can also purchase the real estate underlying a filling station as well as come to be a proprietor to an operating organisation. Doing this makes the financial investment much more passive for you since you're simply the property owner. At the same time, you still have the benefit of having what ought to be a good piece of land located on a hectic edge. Furthermore, you might get unique devaluation from the Irs and also could obtain growth through increasing rents.
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