Container filling station for sale, gas station in Covington

Container filling station for sale, gas station in Covington

Phone and address

Location not presented. Covington.
owners number 004420380780-85
Website (Twitter, Instagram, Facebook etc.):
Official website -

Gasoline station includes

Double-walled tank with capacity 36 m3, Gas dispenser, Gas releasing system, Safety system, Storage tank loading system, Decorative plating of the station, Technologic area, Ladder with the solution platform

The advantages of container filling station ROBOTANKS K4

  • licensed tools and quality control in all manufacturing phases
  • lower financial investment expenditures, for construction as well as setup comparing to conventional gas stations
  • container gas station occupies an area smaller in dimension ( reduced rental fee payments)
  • no repayments for franchising or license
  • reduced operating budget because of the absents of the fuel trainers, sellers as well as various other workers
  • container gas station wheelchair allows to relocate or transfer it for requirement
  • container gas station calls for significantly less commissioning permits

Are Gasoline Station Good Investments?

From a monetary viewpoint, gas does not matter much at most gas stations. Unless you delight in a place that allows you charge an above market value for your gas like being right nearby from flight terminal car returns gas sales are only partially profitable after bank card charges. As such, a lot of stations make their cash on the sales in their corner store or with add-ons of added solutions, such as automobile cleans.
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